Unprecedented worldwide resonance

24 Mar 2019

The full count of coverage related to the ASI Best Sommelier of the World has yet to be completed, but it is clear that the interest generated by the 2019 edition has broken new ground and garnered more interest than ever before. There have been numerous publications and news reports in many different countries, with national TV and radio networks and important newspapers relaying the news of the contest and the name of the winner.

The rise in interest for the competition has been felt very directly in ASI’s own broadcasting and social media channels. For example, the live broadcast of the finals on YouTube have been seen by over 22,600 people, as of this week – the highest result by far for a live broadcast by ASI. Social media also showed remarkable growth and reach. Over the duration of the contest, the number of followers of ASI accounts grew by leaps and bounds: the Instagram account went from around 4,500 followers to over 6,000, over the course of that single week, while the Facebook ASI account broke the 20,000 follower barrier.

By themselves, the posts announcing the finalists and the winner of the 2019 contest were shared nearly 1,500 times, which allowed them to be seen over 250,000 times worldwide on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In terms of outreach and impact, the 2019 ASI Best Sommelier of the World contest is clearly a major milestone.

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