Vinventions: Nomacorc Blue Line, a range of closures made from recycled plastic

7 Sep 2021

The Nomacorc Blue Line range is a new category of closures where 50% of the raw material comes from a ISCC+ certified recycled plastic using a “Mass Balance” approach. The latter has already proved its worth in sustainable development for industries dealing with wood, cocoa, and electricity.

With the Blue Line range, Vinventions is reiterating its stance regarding sustainable development by using recycled plastic. By giving a second life to materials which usually finish in incinerators, a source of CO2 emissions, the Blue Line range not only limits these emissions but reduces the usage of fossil-based plastic.

This new solution encompasses a more general approach of the company towards sustainable development, as the Blue Line range follows after the Green Line, the first zero-carbon footprint closures in 2013. These product innovations concretely illustrate the environmental commitment of Vinventions as endorser of both the European and American Plastics Pact.