Why Wineally will increase the demand for sommelier services

11 Aug 2021

The results* from a North American market survey, performed by SurveyMonkey in July 2021 showed that:


  • 74 % are likely to enjoy food with wine.
  • 58 % are likely to use an app in a restaurant or a wine shop if it offers perfect wine & dine experiences based on personal wine preferences.
  • 64 % are likely to order a dish in a restaurant or cook it at home if they know it will be a perfect match to a specific wine.
  • 72 % are likely to spend more on a bottle of wine (to be consumed in a restaurant or at home) if they know it will be a perfect match to their meal.


* See detailed survey results at Wineally.com


Since Wineally, used professionally or as a consumer app, simplifies having perfect wine & dine experiences based on the consumers wine preferences, Wineally will increase revenues for restaurants, retailers, and wine producers. Wineally will also cut costs by digitizing administration.

Wineally for Restaurants and Wine Merchants will be launched August 23rd and the Wineally consumer app shortly thereafter.

Wineally certified sommeliers can offer up to 20 restaurants to digitally handle purchases, manage the wine cellar, and teach waiters how to improve guest experiences and sales by using Wineally. All consultancy fees are paid directly by the restaurants to the wine consultant. Read more here.