How Restaurants Can Use Technology like Wineally to Offer Better To-Go Pairings

10 Aug 2021

We all know that COVID-19 has damaged the restaurant industry. Due to social distancing and general caution, consumers have been dining out less. As a result, restauranteurs have experienced a dramatic decline in seated diners over the last 2 years.


To help those affected, authorities in various countries have relaxed alcohol restrictions, allowing restaurants to sell wine and cocktails to-go in an attempt to encourage take-out orders.


Now that indoor dining numbers have picked up, diners are seeing changes, from permanent legalization to total reversal. 15 states have made the pandemic-era measures of to-go alcohol permanent as of June 2021. One thing is certain, consumers and restaurants have changed the way they consume food and wine and will expect to-go offerings to continue.


Since sommeliers are not always available to recommend wines for to-go orders, restaurants are investing in products like Wineally, a digital service with a soon-to-be-launched consumer app, that provides personalized wine & dines recommendations for consumers, regardless of their prior wine knowledge.


 The app gives consumers access to your menu and wine list. Based on their personal preferences and the dish they plan to enjoy; Wineally recommends the best available wine.

Learn more about how Wineally can help your restaurant adapt to the new normal:



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