Chef&Sommelier, 2018 official partner of ASI

28 Dec 2018

2018 is coming to an end, and we want to look back at the ASI’s collaboration with our partner Chef&Sommelier, during the Best Sommelier of the Americas in Montreal last May, and the Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania, held in Kyoto in October, as well as the Meilleur Sommelier de France competition that took place in November. In particular, we want to point out the glasses that were selected for these events that took place on three different continents.

The Montreal competition used stemware from the SEQUENCE Chef&Sommelier collection. Well-known French wine shop owner Eric Simon explains why he recommends that line for professionals, restaurants and retail customers.

“What impresses me with this glass is the simplicity of its design. Nothing shocks, and nothing sticks out. The tradition of the tulip shape is modernized with a slightly angular elongated bowl base, and a longer stem. There is also a more refined fine rim that really fits into what the wine trade wants today. I particularly appreciate its generous parison, which helps develop a wine’s bouquet, and increases the pleasure of tasting thanks to the generosity of the bowl’s opening.”

In Kyoto, the Best Sommelier of Asia Oceania 2018 used the REVEAL’UP collection. Miss Julia Scavo, Sommelier (Winner of the Master of Port 2017 and Best Sommelier of Romania 2018, who will represent her country at the MSM in Antwerp) regularly uses that collection.

“The wines for the tasting tests were served in the Reveal’Up Intense 45 cl glasses. I believe that their interest comes from the fact that they are universal glasses that can be used to serve both youthful and mature wines, without disturbing the candidates, and thanks to their absolute transparency, help them perform a precise analysis of the wine’s appearance. The contact surface allows a deliberate but measured oxygenation. The aromatic chamber helps the aromas express themselves and drives them to the chimney afterwards. The latter diminishes the perception of the alcohol, which could be disturbing in some rich, generous wines. The thin rim lets the wine penetrate freely on the palate, without any barrier, so that the glass is almost forgotten and one can focus on the tasting information.”

Finally, for the 30th edition of the Best Sommelier of France, held in Paris last November, the UDSF selected the MACARON collection from Chef&Sommelier. Philippe Faure Brac President of the UDSF (and Best Sommelier of the World 1992) explains that “It is a collection I often use in master classes but also in my restaurant. This collection is one of the most innovative. Each glass allows you to enrich the experience of tasting, and above all the food and wine pairings.”