Wines of Argentina: Opening up the world to Argentinian wine

6 Nov 2018

Can you tell us how Wines of Argentina’s presence in the world market has evolved, since it was established?

Mario Giordano, general manager of Wines of Argentina: Wines of Argentina (WofA) is a non-profit organization with over 200 winery members that represent 99% of the Argentine wine exports worldwide. While our winemaking tradition goes back over 450 years, the development of our export efforts really started about two decades ago.

Since then, we have come a long way. In 1993, twelve wineries began chasing the dream of creating the “Vino Argentino” category, Today, more than 400 wineries are exporting over 350 million liters, all around the world.

We have accomplished our goal of consolidating Argentina among the top wine exporting countries, with the Malbec flag waving high in many outlets, and we have contributed to the overall success of our wine industry through building the “Vino Argentino” brand.  And there is still much more to do!

These results have been possible to achieve thanks to the joint efforts of our producers, the importers, distributors, retailers, restaurateurs and YOU, the sommeliers, for your wide acceptance. Our thanks go to each of you for choosing Argentine wines to be part of your lives.

What are the key challenges for next years for WofA?

Giordano: Argentine wines were very well received by consumers worldwide for various reasons and that allowed it to be the most dynamic category in recent years.

Without neglecting the Malbec as our emblem and legacy, the main challenge for the future will be to show the potential and high quality of Argentina’s other varieties such as Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are so well produced in our country, thanks to the great tradition we have, and our great terroirs.

Also, showing the world the white wine revolution we are experiencing, led by high altitude Chardonnays, old vines Sémillon or the uniqueness of Torrontés, to mention a few varieties. The sky is the limit.

How do you see the role of the sommeliers in evolving markets? Do sommeliers influence growth in those market? 

Giordano: Sommeliers are natural ambassador for wine! They have become influencers, educators, buyers, journalists…they are able to reach new audiences through social media and other non-traditional channels, in addition to being in front of the consumer at the restaurant. They are helping to reshape the wine business in all the evolving markets.