Wines of Portugal around the world

28 Dec 2018

Chinese Academy As part of the Wines of Portugal International Training Partnership Program, an Intermediate Level Academy brought together 30 wine professionals and wine lovers in Shanghai, China, on October 26, to deepen their knowledge about the unique character of Portuguese wines. In the same spirit, an Initiation Level Academy was offered in Hong Kong, also for 30 professionals and wine lovers, as part of a new training partnership with the Hong Kong Wine Academy. The courses were given by the Wines of Portugal wine educator Sofia Salvador, in collaboration with both schools.

Somm360 in Montreal ViniPortugal/Wines of Portugal also participated in the first edition of SOMM 360, an event dedicated to the Québec and international wine industry, which took place on November 25-29. This event featured education sessions, including a Seminar on Wines of Portugal, a blind tasting with a vote for the 2019 “best wine picks”, and a sommelier boot camp and competition.

Swiss Focus On October 22 and 23, Wines of Portugal Tastings in Zurich and Geneva respectively attracted 300 and 200 participants, as part of the efforts to strengthen promotion in Switzerland.